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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Melbourne to Sydney: Day 11

Today was going to be a bit of a non event for scenery...with no options for looking around without making major detours. I got up early and sourced out breakfast at the slightly bizarre ' Scouse House'.

This delivered everything you'd expect from the title. Thick Scouse 'n proud accents from the staff, a 'greasy spoon' menu..and the place festooned with Scouse paraphernalia; renovated vinyl, football posters etc. Actually the breakfast ended up being a lot better than a greasy spoon feed, thankfully! And the coffee was very good.

Plus, I ate my eggs to the theme of Dead of Alive "You spin me" which seemed appropriate!

Today I wanted to get through the cycle unfriendly town of Nowra as quickly as possible, so rode quite hard in one big push of 85 kms. There was one really rather big hill to get through on the way, but at this point there was a good shoulder and freshly laid bituman so it was quite quick riding. There was a big group of club or charity riders here as well, going the other way complete with escort...we shouted encouragement at one another.

The last few kms into Nowra are grim riding, but I got through this fine without any dramas. I turned off the highway here and pulled over at Shoalhaven heads. Great to stop at lunch time...finally could get these blog posts up as the wifi here WORKS.

2 Days to go...poxy weather on its way.

Distance: 102 km
Route map

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